September 4, 2017

Do I need CCTV at home?

Nowadays, with the cost of technology continually dropping in price, it has never been cheaper to install a home closed-circuit television (CCTV) system. Although prominent figures in policing have encouraged homeowners and businesses to install their own system to aid the fight against crime, do you really need it and it is something that every homeowner should consider? We briefly outline the case for and the case against having your own CCTV system in your home. CCTV means that any images recorded by your security camera cannot be picked up by other transmitters or receivers. A basic CCTV system can be installed relatively cheaply; a starter system can be installed for approximately £50, although it is not uncommon for top-of-the-range CCTV systems to cost as much as several thousand pounds. Modern CCTV cameras will usually allow a homeowner to record the captured footage straight to a DVD, or more commonly to a hard drive, for subsequent storage. Whilst modern CCTV systems are accurate and will record good-quality footage, in order for any recorded footage to be useful, homeowners are advised to pay careful attention to the location of installed CCTV cameras. However, reputable CCTV installation companies have experience of successful […]
August 2, 2017

Everything you need to know about fire alarms

Instant warnings regarding smoke or fire in your property could save your life. Understanding the rules and regulations regarding fire alarms, and knowing how to use them correctly, are essential steps to making sure that you, your home or business, and your possessions, stay as safe as possible. What are the regulations surrounding the use of fire alarms in the UK? Fire alarms are covered by a piece of legislation called The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which is often referred to by the shortened title of ‘The RRO’. Practically all businesses, and all rental properties, are legally required to have an adequate fire detection and warning system in place. Usually, this means that your business premises need to have a fire alarm system installed. However, in rare circumstances, where numerous specific criteria are all met, a fire alarm is not legally required. The criteria that need to be met include the ability for everyone on the premises to hear a shout of ‘fire’ and the certainty that there will be no vulnerable, elderly or disabled people on the premises. It is clear that as a matter of course, it is best practice for all businesses to have a […]
July 3, 2017

When to change your locks

There a many reasons locks need to be changed. Because they are the first line of defence against intrusion your locks need to be kept at maximum efficiency, and that means being able to offer the highest levels of security. MOVING TO A NEW HOME Moving home can be an expensive business and it is tempting to try to save wherever possible on further costs. But without exception, changing the locks on your new home as soon as possible is always advisable. Even if the locks are fairly new and in perfect working order, the security they can offer is still compromised. It is impossible to know how many keys are in circulation and who has them. Often homeowners will give trades people they trust keys whilst working on their home. Even if these are trustworthy, sub-contractors may not be. Homeowners regularly leave duplicate keys with neighbours in case they lock themselves out. Again, whilst these neighbours may be trustworthy, they are just as liable to lose keys as anyone else. Rather than risk keys having fallen into the wrong hands, it is always better to have new locks fitted. WEAR AND DAMAGE It may seem obvious, but a lock […]
July 1, 2017

How Safe are Your Window Locks?

When thinking about improving home security, most homeowners concentrate on the gate, doors and surveillance. Windows are some of the most neglected points of entry. The windows in your home pose as much vulnerability as other areas. Many individuals assume that the factory-grade locking mechanisms installed by window manufacturers are sufficient to provide security, but it may not always be the case. A simple latch on your window is easy to open with the right tools. Burglars and other intruders can get very creative when motivated to gain entry into a property. Manufacturer locks are common, meaning intruders can learn how to force them open easily. For this reason, reinforced window locks have become valuable investments for homeowners. Getting the Right Lock One solution to improve the safety of your windows is to make certain that each installation has the right lock. The suitability of a locking mechanism dictates how much security it offers. For example, a pinhole lock is an appropriate choice for a sliding glass window. If it’s a UPVC double glazed window, then you must find the ideal lock gearbox. A window lock expert can tell you when to get a deadbolt and if a window sash […]
June 27, 2017

YY Security named in the top 100 security blogs

We are pleased to announce that YY Security has been named as one of the best home security blogs on the planet. The list was selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 100 Home Security Blogs on the web and the list can be viewed by clicking on the image on the right.
June 3, 2017

Simple Steps for Improving Home Safety

Feeling safe and secure in the home is something that we all want. Improving home safety is about stopping issues before they happen. There are many quick and simple steps that you can put into practice that will help keep you safe in and around the home. Inside the Home When it comes to improving safety inside your home, the first step is not to advertise that your house is empty. If it appears occupied, then the burglar may think twice about entering. Using automatic timers that can turn lights on and off in the home will make it seem as if someone is in. If you do go away, then make sure that you cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries, so they’re not left on your doorstep. When you go out, check that you lock all doors and windows. Don’t leave them open. You should also make sure that you have approved BSI standard locks on your doors and windows. Another thing you can do is to consider fitting a latch or chain as well as a viewer on your door. These will enable you to check who is at the door before you let them in. And finally, […]
May 4, 2017

How a wire free burglar alarm is exactly what you need

It’s now easier than ever to have a wireless alarm fitted in your home. For one thing, they’re no longer the kind of extravagance you’d only expect to find in a business environment or wealthy household. Instead, recent technological developments have led to a significant drop in both the price of installation and labour, meaning they’re now a viable option for homeowners everywhere. And while there are a wide variety of wireless alarms available, they all possess similar features that, we think, make them an extremely attractive prospect… Cheap and easy installation It is true that the purchase price of a wireless alarm might be a fraction higher than that of a standard system. However, by using remote transmitters and receivers instead of wires, the cost of installation is significantly reduced. In fact, if you’re a bit handy, there’s no reason not to put it in yourself, therefore saving yourself the cost of a professional installer. Install and alter at your own leisure Yet another bonus of a wire free alarm is that it can be installed in stages. This makes it much easier to manage your budget, and allows you to change and expand your current system without the […]
February 17, 2017

What Are The Pros and Cons of Having Fake Security Cameras?

Installing a security system for home or business can prove expensive, especially if there is an extensive need for security cameras. One option to help keep costs down is to make use of some of the many fake security cameras on the market. These range in levels of detail from very basic to sophisticated models that utilise movement such as pan and tilt and lights to suggest that they are the genuine thing. Fake security cameras are obviously popular because there is a proliferation on the market; but there are some serious considerations to make before choosing to use them. It is important to choose the right type of fake camera. Adding an extremely sophisticated model to a system that utilises very basic real cameras will raise suspicion and can call into doubt the nature of the device. BENEFITS The obvious benefit of fake cameras is that they are usually cheaper than the real thing. They can be added to an existing system very easily and require little maintenance. For those with a burglar alarm already fitted, fake cameras can add additional peace of mind. The property is already protected, but fake cameras add to that protection. Because there are […]
February 7, 2017

Why Your Home Needs Good Window Locks

Installing high-quality door locks is a popular security measure and can reduce the risk of your home being burgled. However, installing security locks on the front and rear doors of a property is really just providing a very basic level of security and forcing any prospective burglars to focus on another way of gaining entry to the house. Unsecured windows provide the perfect point of entry for burglars and many can be opened in a matter of seconds, providing a criminal with uninterrupted access to the property. Unfortunately, window security is often neglected by homeowners and many windows either don’t have locks or are left unsecured. Whilst this makes a house an easy target for burglars it may also invalidate your home insurance policy. Many insurers stipulate that specific locking mechanisms should be installed on windows and key operated locks are usually the option recommended by insurers. Installing window locks will not only ensure that your home insurance is valid but may also lower your premium. There are locks available for a wide variety of different window types including sash, casement and uPVC windows. Whilst each of these window types will have a different lock mechanism they will all be […]
January 18, 2017

The Benefits of Installing a Fire door?

The ability to create and control fire has been one of humanity’s greatest achievements although it has also been an ever-present source of death, destruction and injury in the millennia since fire-making technologies were first developed. Human beings, having learned the potential for harm possessed by flames and smoke, discovered ways of preventing unintentional fires from spreading thus minimising their destructive capacity. Installing fire doors in buildings prevents accidental fires from turning into full-blown conflagrations, blocks the passage of smoke and allows people to escape the building. How do fire doors work? Fire doors, designed to trap flames and smoke while allowing occupants the opportunity to escape, are typically installed within compartmental buildings for the purpose of containing unintentional fires within effected areas. This type of Passive Fire Protection system (PFP) is constructed from materials that are capable of resisting flames and heat as well as stopping smoke from dissipating from one building space into another. Self-closing mechanisms allow fire doors, once opened, to slam shut in order to minimise exposure time during escape procedures that could allow a blaze to spread to other areas of the building. Materials. Typical fire-retardant doors, such as those found in apartment blocks or […]