10 most common causes of burglary in the home

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Despite what we see in movies, most home burglaries aren’t planned. Instead a burglar could be walking or driving by and see an immediate opportunity. They then swipe into action and take as much as possible. If there is planning, it involves picking up clues when no one is at home. Burglaries can happen any time and for different reasons. But what are the 10 most common causes of burglaries in the home?

1. Easy accessibility

Burglars often select an unoccupied home with an easy access. Homes with the least cover, unlocked doors or windows, and easy escape routes are a great target. Security statistics show that easily accessible homes are broken in by simple tools such as pliers, a screwdriver or a hammer.

2. Low traffic areas

Homes at the outskirts of neighbourhoods are vulnerable. Dead-end streets and locations with few outlets are an easy target. Homes at the corners are also vulnerable since thieves can know your habits easily by driving by. Low traffic areas are also less visible to neighbours and the police.

3. Previously burglarised homes

If you have been previously burglarised, chances are that another thief will find your home equally vulnerable. The original thief may also come back if he wasn’t caught the first time. If he doesn’t come back, he may go to your neighbours since he considers the area a successful one.

4. Homes with overgrown landscapes

Burglars prefer unexposed homes that are easy to sneak up on. Your landscape can make it easy in case there are high bushes around the front windows or doors. Keeping the yard fairly clear and bushes low will mean that burglars won’t have any hiding places. Homes with trees and a second floor could also provide an easy get in where balcony doors and windows are less likely to be locked.

5. Poor security features

Burglars that like striking at night prefer homes with poor lighting. They also like homes with no security systems or surveillance cameras. Only pros will be more willing to steal with these features installed.

6. Unoccupied homes
Statistics show that about 60 percent of burglaries take place during the day. Thieves find unoccupied homes an easy target. Home occupation could also mean having a large dog that could present a physical threat.

7. Homes with poor lighting

For burglars who prefer working in the night, good lighting is a major deterrent. Statistics show that the odds of burglary decrease when homeowners install motion sensor lighting or turned on outside lights at the home entry.

8. Hiring outside help

While bringing a housekeeper or landscaper could help with upkeep around your home, it can cost you in the long run. A large percent of burglars report getting inside information on targets. Some information comes from people that work for the victims.

9. Advertising your valuables

Even though you have lots of nice items in your house, keep your electronic equipment, computers and jewellery out of site. In case you own a large TV near the window, add blinds or curtains to prevent outside view. Jewellery and cash should be kept well hidden, and not in the normal places like your bedroom.

10. Lack of alarm features

Home security systems statistics show that most burglary attempts first try to determine if the house has an alarm system. Burglars reportedly left homes with security systems. The sounding of alarms made most burglars flee the home. An alarm feature in your home makes it a lesser target.

Knowing the causes of burglary attempts as listed above should help you improve your security features to make your home a lesser target.