Home Security For When You’re Away

Holidays are one of the best things about life, but one daunting aspect of going on holiday is the fact that your home is left unattended and relatively unguarded for an extended period of time. Sometimes, the thought of your home’s security can play on your mind so much that you end up not fully enjoying yourself on vacation, worrying about potential break-ins or damage. But with these helpful tips you can start to rest and be assured that your home will be as secure as possible during the period you’re away. Here are the best security tips for when you’re on holiday.

1. Have A Sitter
The best deterrent for stopping somebody breaking in to an empty house is, simply, for it not to be empty! If you can, have some family members or friends stay in your home while you are away. This will completely eliminate the problem and allow you to relax on holiday.

2. Ask Neighbours For Help
Let your neighbours know that you are going to be out of the house for an extended period, and ask them to be vigilant about what is going on around your home. Perhaps they could go and water your plants every other day to check that everything is fine.

3. Don’t Leave A Light On
Though it might seem like a good idea, leaving a single light on upstairs, in the kitchen or in the hall acts more like a burglar beacon than a deterrent. It is not normal for a house light to be on 24/7, so to the outside world it signals that something is not normal and you are out of the house.

4. Put A Lock On Your Sliding Doors
Sliding doors are a great home feature, but when you go on holiday you should put a supplemental lock on them to make sure they cannot be moved or adjusted from the outside. Don’t give burglars an easy route in to your home!

5. Keep Lawn Short
If you are going on an extended period of travel, one thing to do is to make sure your front lawn is kept to its normal cutting routine. Nothing tells a burglar that you are away like a lawn that keeps growing longer and longer without attention. It is really worth pre-paying for a company to visit your home and mow your lawn to keep it short, as it will make your house look more lived in.