7 Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Secure

With so many burglaries taking place, it’s always a wise move to think about the security of your own home and assess just how good it is. Before going out and making a big purchase on an alarm system, have a look around the house and decide how you would get in if you were a burglar. Have a family meeting and get every member including your children to be more aware of home security. You don’t need a drawbridge and moat around your home to be secure, but there are one or two things that will make you feel safer.

Some ideas that are cheap to implement include, making it difficult for a thief to conceal himself by keeping hedges and fences low, and having outside lights that are sensitive to movement. Obviously, glass doors are not great for security even if they are half and half. Make sure that all entrances have sturdy doors with good locks.

Don’t put expensive items on display, and if you have a ‘flash’ car put it in the garage at night. In most crimes committed in neighbourhoods, the criminals will do their homework and have a look around before choosing a property to enter. Buying lights that can be set to come on at diverse times during the day will confuse potential robbers. If they are not 100 per cent sure about your house being occupied, then they will go for an easier option. That’s right, thieves don’t want to work too hard either so will never break into a house if it looks too complicated and they are not sure if there is anything valuable inside.

A dog is not just for Christmas; it’s a useful ally in stopping a burglar from entering into your home. It doesn’t have to be big either, but the noisier, the better helps. Thieves hate dogs and as long as you don’t, then getting one is worth all of those long walks at night.

You can never make your house completely burglar proof, but if it looks less attractive than your neighbours, and too much hard work to get into, then you have solved most of the risk. Adding a good burglar alarm and smash proof windows will also help, but don’t forget that good safety habits are crucial. If you have an alarm, resist the temptation of not switching it on. Get a device that is simple, and test it once and a while.

In the UK, a home gets burgled every 40 seconds, so this is a very real problem that should be taken seriously.