7 Simple Ways To Secure Your Home


Is your home at risk from burglary? We all have a responsibility to protect your belongings, families, and ourselves. Here are 7 simple and low-cost ways to secure your home and make it less tempting.

  1. Trim your shrubs

Overgrown trees, bushes, and shrubs offer intruders a place to hide. Prune the vegetation on a regular basis so that your porch, doors, and windows are clearly visible to neighbours. This won’t cost much, yet it can make a huge difference in making your house less attractive to burglars.

  1. Draw the blinds

To keep your household items out of view, draw your curtains or blinds. Intruders usually choose potential targets just by passing the house and looking through the windows.

  1. Install an alarm system

Alarms are the best and least expensive systems for keeping burglars out. The most basic ones come with a keypad and door sensors. With a quick installation, your alarm will be ready to protect your home. If your budget allows it, opt for a monitored home security system that’s linked to your local police station. This is the safest and most secure option, with a low monthly fee that is worth paying in order to save your possessions.

  1. Lock up even when you’re at home

Always lock your doors and windows including the garage. This also applies when you are at home sleeping or spending time with your family.

  1. Deadbolt all the entry doors

According to statistics, 30 per cent of burglars enter the house through the front door and another 20 per cent use the back door. To avoid this, make sure you install a deadbolt on all your doors. This is the simplest and most cost-effective solution to beef up security.

  1. Install motion sensors

Motions sensors are the best deterrent for crime and increase the safety of your home. Dark or poorly lit properties make it easier for intruders to go unseen. Exterior motion-sensing security lights detect sudden movements. This will not only startle burglars, but also provide a visual warning to you and your neighbours.

  1. Shield all the windows and doors

For existing windows and doors, install a protective metal barrier in front of the existing glass.

You can also opt for quarter-inch Plexiglas which is fitted over the window. When installed properly, it can effectively prevent break-ins through the window.