Former Met Police Officer starts The Crime Prevention Website.Com is owned and operated by retired Metropolitan Police Officer, crime prevention specialist and author, Calvin Beckford, in partnership with his son, Ben Beckford, a computer programmer and web developer.

With huge police budget cuts looming over the horizon, which ultimately resulted in a large and disproportionate reduction of police crime prevention staff in favour of retaining the front line, Calvin realised that the internet was not home to a general crime prevention advice website that would appeal to the public and support the police at such a critical time. So, together they set about creating a completely new open resource advice site for all things crime prevention, which was launched in April 2012.

The site’s advice has been written in a relaxed, easy to read style with some humour to appeal to all visitors, whatever their background.  To replace what was the traditional home visit by the Crime Prevention Officer (a service and role that has disappeared from many police services) they have created a free and anonymous online Home Security Survey application.  Visitors simply select a building type from a list of eight and answer a series of questions covering all aspects of their home, garden and vehicle security.  On submission of their questionnaire they are sent a tailor-made report and risk assessment score highlighting those areas of their home security that need improving.  The report includes clickable references to other parts of the website for more detailed advice.  The data obtained from the surveys informs the website’s advice and the website’s bi-monthly Newsletters.

The website visitor numbers continue to increase to a figure now in excess of ¼ million a year. They have reciprocal links in place with 117 organisations, including police services, Police and Crime Commissioners, Local Authorities, Neighbourhood Watches and various Institutions and Associations. In spite of this obvious success Calvin and Ben have no intention of taking it easy and are working on lots of other ideas to provide the visitor with an outstanding visitor experience.

Source: Master Locksmiths Association