Making your home secure

A burglar alarm system is a good security measure, especially if it is prominently displayed to act as a deterrent to potential burglars. For added security, all areas that might give access to your home, such as windows, doors and gardens, should be made secure.

Easily accessible windows should be fitted with hard-to-break, laminated glass. Key operated window locks are another high visibility security measure that may deter criminals. Windows and doors should fully comply with British Standards for security.

All doors should have deadlocks, and front doors should have chains, latches and a viewer to enable visual checks before opening the door. Any wooden doors should be strengthened with steel strips around the lock and the frame.

Gardens are often overlooked during security upgrades, but prickly shrubs around the perimeter, together with strong fences and gates, are a good defence. Keep hedges and trees trimmed to maintain good visibility.