What can I do to best secure my home and valuables?

Security alarms

A Bells only alarm offers a sound system that will provide your home with a security alarm that will make a loud noise when it’s set off. The alarm will make you aware about intruders in your home and warn your neighbours that your home security has been breached. This alarm won’t send any information to the police, but instead alert it’s surroundings and is able to send you a message on the phone if triggered.

There is also the monitored alarm system, which have people sitting in a surveillance centre 24/7 monitoring if any alarms are set off in your home. This means that you have people ready around the clock to inform your local police station that something has triggered the alarm in your house.

Grills, gates and shutters

Security grills, gates or shutters prevent burglars from entering the house through windows or doors. These massive iron formations are a effective way of keeping intruders from forcing their way into your home.

The security grills provide a solid stationary burglar prevention for your windows and doors, this is especially effective in neighbourhoods with a high crime rate.

Security Shutters can be opened and closed to your fitting with either a controller or manually. These are very handy because, when you are at home you can have them rolled up so you will hardly notice them and when you leave the house again, you can roll them down. Shutters work great as fire proof doors as well, since they are fire proof and will be preventing the fire from getting oxygen.

Security gates are good when you want to keep burglars away from your premises, they block the entrance to your property and can be locked or unlocked at will to keep unwelcome guests away. You can get automatic gates with voice and visual communicators going all the way into your home so you are able to speak with visitors before they enter your premises. With the automatic gates you can let people in when you have identified the purpose of the visit, through a gate opening system you have available in the house.

Security safes

A safe is the perfect last bastion for keeping your most dear valuables safe. The fact is most burglars are lightly equipped and only spend a couple of minutes in each home, which means they usually don’t have the time nor the tools to deal with a safe and will in most cases just leave it alone. However if you do decide to get a safe, make sure not to purchase the discount models from your local warehouse, as a simple crowbar will generally be able to open those in seconds and some are small enough to be able to be picked up and removed. This is not ideal and a safe should be either too big to move by hand or it should be secured to the floor or wall.


CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) offers a great deal of security. Not only does it monitor your premises, but it also provides your house with cameras to intimidate vandals, intruders etc. CCTV provides you with security inside your house and outside as well. These cameras can be essential to identify an intruder to the police but as well give you the safety and peace of mind that you need even when you aren’t at home. With CCTV you can monitor your home from afar by laptop or even with your phone.

Door entry systems

With a door entry system you can communicate with visitors through your door, this can provide you with the safety of not having to open the door without knowing their intentions.

With a door entry system you could also get a camera for your communication system, so if people are knocking on the door, you would have monitors inside telling you who is knocking and then give you the opportunity to decide if you want to answer or not.

Fire safety

Fire alarms are generally security you need in a home, these alarms offer you safety and will warn you if a fire breaks out in your home. Especially at night a fire alarm should make your sleep much better knowing, you will be woken up if a fire occurs in your house while you’re asleep. In most cases if you did not have a fire alarm you wouldn’t wake up if a fire broke out in your house as the smoke would suffocate you and make you pass out from oxygen loss before waking up.

An Electric fence

Electric fences aren’t commonly used as it is a rather extreme measure to take, but for certain situations it just does the job better than the rest of the alternatives.

How it works is you put up a perimeter around the area you want protected, and connect it to an electric source. This kind of security is really effective for keeping intruders off your premises and works well for keeping wild life out too.