Why fire doors are so important

When it comes to health and safety measures people often only think of burglar alarms, se­curity locks or CCTV. However, they often forget about a very important measure, which is as important as “conventional” safety measures: the fire door. Now fire doors are not only to be found in public buildings, which most people would assume, it is an ongoing and in­creasing trend for the average person to have a fire door installed in their house.

A functioning fire door can be a crucial factor to allow not only vital extra time to save lives but also valuable property. The way it works is quite easy to understand: Once you have chosen a model suitable for your purposes the most important part is the correct installation of the fire door – and this is the part where the wheat is sorted from the chaff: an improper installed fire door is as useful as no fire door at all. This is why you should always make sure that you have your fire door installed by an expert. They are the only people to ensure that your fire door is fitted properly for example the use of intumescent stripes (they expand and fill gaps when being exposed to heat) as well as the necessary intumescent seals and ironmongery are affixed correctly. Furthermore it is essential to never prop your fire door open since in case of fire it will not close and thus provide no protection at all.

All these factors are inevitable to make sure that your fire door serves its purpose: keeping the spreading of fire or smoke between different compartments at bay and thus enable a safe exit from a building, structure or even ship. So when you think about upgrading your health and safety measures the next time, don’t forget to consider the installation of a fire door – it may not only save your life or property but also a lot of money when a potential threat becomes reality.