Why Your Home Needs Good Window Locks

Installing high-quality door locks is a popular security measure and can reduce the risk of your home being burgled. However, installing security locks on the front and rear doors of a property is really just providing a very basic level of security and forcing any prospective burglars to focus on another way of gaining entry to the house.

Unsecured windows provide the perfect point of entry for burglars and many can be opened in a matter of seconds, providing a criminal with uninterrupted access to the property. Unfortunately, window security is often neglected by homeowners and many windows either don’t have locks or are left unsecured. Whilst this makes a house an easy target for burglars it may also invalidate your home insurance policy. Many insurers stipulate that specific locking mechanisms should be installed on windows and key operated locks are usually the option recommended by insurers. Installing window locks will not only ensure that your home insurance is valid but may also lower your premium.

There are locks available for a wide variety of different window types including sash, casement and uPVC windows. Whilst each of these window types will have a different lock mechanism they will all be fully secured. This will reduce the risk of burglary and provide invaluable peace of mind to the occupants of a property. YY Security Installations offer a wide range of domestic and commercial security solutions, including door and window lock installation. At YY Security we have over 60 years of experience in the industry and can provide free estimates and home surveys. For further information please visit www.yysecurity.co.uk