The History of Locks

Since the beginning of time when people realised that they needed to keep their possessions secure from thieves, there has been a need for a way to keep them locked up and secure. Keys and locks are even mentioned frequently in the bible that is how long people have wanted to keep their possessions safe. In the beginning it was easy to put a lock on the inside of a door but not so easy to put one on the outside of a door. On the inside you could place bars to keep people from breaking in, that didn’t work for the outside. Things weren’t as simple then as people have it today with their modern locks.

The first locks were crude and wooden but seemed to serve the purpose of keeping valuables in and crooks out. The Greeks and the Romans used locks long before they became popular anywhere else.

The Romans were actually the first civilization to invent metal locks, which were much like the locks we use today. By the 14th century locksmiths were a common trade in major cities, and many people were using them on a regular basis. Major changes didn’t come about until the 18th century when companies were actually offering cash incentives to people who could pick secure locks.

Today locks are common place, and London Locksmiths, are even more commonplace. If you lock yourself out of your home, have a lock you can’t pick, or even lock yourself out of your own car, you can call a locksmith to come and get it open for you. The prices charged can fluctuate dependent upon the time of day you are calling but you should not make price the only concern, you should always call a locksmith that is conventional and can demonstrate many years of experience.

Locks and locksmiths have come a very long way, since the beginning don’t you think?