What Are The Pros and Cons of Having Fake Security Cameras?

Installing a security system for home or business can prove expensive, especially if there is an extensive need for security cameras. One option to help keep costs down is to make use of some of the many fake security cameras on the market. These range in levels of detail from very basic to sophisticated models that utilise movement such as pan and tilt and lights to suggest that they are the genuine thing. Fake security cameras are obviously popular because there is a proliferation on the market; but there are some serious considerations to make before choosing to use them.

It is important to choose the right type of fake camera. Adding an extremely sophisticated model to a system that utilises very basic real cameras will raise suspicion and can call into doubt the nature of the device.

The obvious benefit of fake cameras is that they are usually cheaper than the real thing. They can be added to an existing system very easily and require little maintenance. For those with a burglar alarm already fitted, fake cameras can add additional peace of mind. The property is already protected, but fake cameras add to that protection. Because there are so many models on the market fakes can be bought that match or blend in with the style of real cameras, for example be similar colour, shape, and have similar movement.

Placement of fake cameras is as important as the placement of the real thing. The most vulnerable areas for surveillance should of course always be covered by real cameras. Fakes can be placed in less vulnerable positions and to augment the real ones. For example, if a camera is covering a drive from the main building, fakes can be placed further along the drive and at the end. Interior cameras may cover doors, but fakes can be added to cover specific rooms. In business premises, fake cameras can enhance security in most areas as they will largely all be of importance.

A fake camera, however sophisticated, is always going to be just that. At worst, potential thieves will be able to identify a fake for what it is. Cheaper fakes will be susceptible to not only identification but damage from weather, making them much more likely suggest they are not real. It is never advisable to rely entirely upon fake cameras. Other security systems should always be installed.