How Safe are Your Window Locks?

When thinking about improving home security, most homeowners concentrate on the gate, doors and surveillance. Windows are some of the most neglected points of entry. The windows in your home pose as much vulnerability as other areas. Many individuals assume that the factory-grade locking mechanisms installed by window manufacturers are sufficient to provide security, but it may not always be the case. A simple latch on your window is easy to open with the right tools. Burglars and other intruders can get very creative when motivated to gain entry into a property. Manufacturer locks are common, meaning intruders can learn how to force them open easily. For this reason, reinforced window locks have become valuable investments for homeowners.

Getting the Right Lock

One solution to improve the safety of your windows is to make certain that each installation has the right lock. The suitability of a locking mechanism dictates how much security it offers. For example, a pinhole lock is an appropriate choice for a sliding glass window. If it’s a UPVC double glazed window, then you must find the ideal lock gearbox. A window lock expert can tell you when to get a deadbolt and if a window sash lock is necessary. Homeowners should also factor in the positioning of their windows when picking out the locks. A window on the ground level requires a higher standard of safety than one in the attic.

First-grade Locks

The quality of the locking mechanism is another consideration when boosting the security of your home. Because of the increased level of criminal activities in many regions, the market today is filled with superior standard locking mechanisms. Some locks even connect to sensors, which trigger when intrusion attempts are detected. You can find a selection of locks that are designed to deter the efforts of an intruder.

These locks don’t have to be complicated in their functioning to provide adequate security. YY Security can provide ideas on a few products that are easy to operate. Large locks that are visible from the outside are also great investments because they show an intruder right away that a lot of work will go into breaking in. When buying locks for a home with young children, consider how tamper proof they are.

The right locking mechanism on your windows can enhance the security of your home significantly. Burglars and thieves can gain access into your home through poorly secured windows, hence the need to invest in first class products.