Simple Steps for Improving Home Safety

Feeling safe and secure in the home is something that we all want. Improving home safety is about stopping issues before they happen. There are many quick and simple steps that you can put into practice that will help keep you safe in and around the home.

Inside the Home
When it comes to improving safety inside your home, the first step is not to advertise that your house is empty. If it appears occupied, then the burglar may think twice about entering. Using automatic timers that can turn lights on and off in the home will make it seem as if someone is in. If you do go away, then make sure that you cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries, so they’re not left on your doorstep.

When you go out, check that you lock all doors and windows. Don’t leave them open. You should also make sure that you have approved BSI standard locks on your doors and windows. Another thing you can do is to consider fitting a latch or chain as well as a viewer on your door. These will enable you to check who is at the door before you let them in. And finally, safety in the home is not just about security. It is also important that you install smoke alarms and carbon dioxide monitors about the house in case of fire.

Outside the Home
Staying safe is not just about improving things inside the home. There are things that you can do outside in the garden. The first is to check that your garden fences and gates do not have any damage. If there is damage, you need to repair them as soon as possible. It will stop a burglar from not only being able to see in but also getting easy access to your home. It is also worth thinking about the trees and plants in your garden. Trees that are low-hanging or shrubs that are overgrown should be cut back. This will prevent burglars from using them as cover. Installing lights on the outside of your home can also help improve safety. Lights that come on automatically if there is any movement are a real deterrent. With outside lights, a burglar has nowhere to hide and will likely avoid your home.

You should not leave any ladders or tools out in the garden. If you do, then the burglar can use these to break into your home. You should lock these, as well as other valuable items like bicycles, away in sheds and garages so that they are out of sight. It is also important that you protect your shed or garage using good quality locks.