How a wire free burglar alarm is exactly what you need

It’s now easier than ever to have a wireless alarm fitted in your home. For one thing, they’re no longer the kind of extravagance you’d only expect to find in a business environment or wealthy household. Instead, recent technological developments have led to a significant drop in both the price of installation and labour, meaning they’re now a viable option for homeowners everywhere. And while there are a wide variety of wireless alarms available, they all possess similar features that, we think, make them an extremely attractive prospect…

Cheap and easy installation

It is true that the purchase price of a wireless alarm might be a fraction higher than that of a standard system. However, by using remote transmitters and receivers instead of wires, the cost of installation is significantly reduced. In fact, if you’re a bit handy, there’s no reason not to put it in yourself, therefore saving yourself the cost of a professional installer.

Install and alter at your own leisure

Yet another bonus of a wire free alarm is that it can be installed in stages. This makes it much easier to manage your budget, and allows you to change and expand your current system without the hassle of rewiring. It also means you can add new features -for instance additional sensors or smoke detectors- with consummate ease.

Great coverage and reliability

There’s absolutely no shortage of features which can be incorporated into a wire free system; from intercoms and security cameras to smoke detectors and gas and flood alarms. And wire free means they aren’t reliant on your home’s grid, operating instead from their own independent and wholly stable power source. All of which, it goes without saying, greatly increases the security of your home.

Change things up any time you like.

If you’re installing your first ever alarm system, it’s important to remember that a wire free system means having the flexibility to change things to suit yourself. Perhaps you’re not happy with your original design? Or maybe you feel your areas of surveillance could do with some improvement? All this and more is easily achievable with a wire free alarm system. It’s the most effective system on the market today, providing the kind of top-of-the-range security that we guarantee can’t be beaten elsewhere.
Not All wireless systems are equal

There are many cheap wireless systems on the market which we could not recommend. If you are looking for state of the art security and reliability then we would recommend Agility 3 which offers a state of the art 2 way wireless system which can be controlled from your Smartphone via the RISCO Cloud server.