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Burglar Alarms Paddington

YY Security Installations Ltd Services are the burglar alarm specialists for Paddington. We specialise in wireless, wired and monitored alarm systems for both the home and business.

We would all like to feel protected in our own house and the introduction of a burglar alarm to your home or business can add that extra bit of security that can make all of the difference.

Burglar alarms are one of the most imperative deterrents in preventing break in’s to your house, defending your property but also returning that feeling of being secure.
We offer:

  • Bells Only Alarms
  • Monitored alarms
  • Wireless systems
  • Latest Technology Equipment
  • Option for pet friendly sensors
  • Red care systems
  • Speech dialer facilities to alert your mobile
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Fully inclusive agreements
  • Takeovers (old systems taken over)
  • Repair and maintenance of existing burglar alarm systems
  • Comprehensive Maintenance agreements.

At YY Security we are here to give you the best advice when it comes to installing the correct alarm whether it is for your home or company.

We will complete a site survey after which we will be able to recommend to you a tailor made package which will be ideally suited to your individual requirements. For a quotation for a home burglar alarm system subject to site survey please click the icon on the right hand side.

There are two main types of Burglar alarm system to make a choice from, you can choose an audible only alarm or a monitored alarm.

Audible only alarm:

Also known as a Bells only alarm, the audible only alarm is a burglar alarm which makes only audible sound from the outdoor and indoor sounders when the alarm is triggered.
The alarm may deter intruders and alert neighbours when the alarm activates but on its own will not cause a police response. Yet, this category of alarm system has the ability to send you a message to your mobile phone alerting you the system has been activated allowing you to take instant action.
An audible only alarm is available to be fitted as hard wired or as a wireless system.

Monitored Alarm:

A monitored alarm is an alarm system that has been programmed to transmit signals to an ARC (alarm receiving centre). A 24/7 efficiently manned service centre with individuals who personally react when an alarm is tripped and inform your local police authority.
A monitored alarm system can be a genuine comfort if you are not at home or at work when your alarm is tripped.

We are here to give you the best advice when it comes to fitting the right alarm, why not give us a call today see how YY Security Installations Ltd can help with your Burglar Alarm requirements.