Fire Alarm System Design and Fire Alarm Installers

At YY Security Installations Ltd we can offer turn key fire alarm systems. We offer design, installation supply and regular maintenance of a wide range of fire alarm systems and as we aren’t tied to particular suppliers we always ensure we get the best deals on parts. We can also eliminate any delays due to product supply which greatly increase our chances of meeting tight deadlines.

Fire Alarm Maintenance Contracts

We have a maintenance plan to suit our clients at a price that is affordable and we do not tie our clients in to long term contracts. We ask our clients to sign a non binding 12 month contract instructing us to service their fire alarm equipment. We issue a work sheet and test certificate if your system is compliant and we are on call at any time if the system develops a fault or you need expert advice out of normal working hours.

To comply with Health and Safety Regulations it is essential to ensure your fire alarm equipment is regularly serviced in fact it is a requirement to do so in order to meet British Standards! Failure can in effect give your insurance company a good reason not to pay in the event of you making a claim.

All fire systems are maintained to BS 5839. It is also worth noting that as a condition of meeting BS 5839 Part 1 the system must be regularly inspected and maintained at quarterly visits per annum and this is in addition to duties required by the system user.

Fire Alarm Testing and Maintenance (BS5839: Part 1:2002)

The following information lists the testing and maintenance schedule that is required.

  • Daily Inspection – Check that the Charger indicator shows. Inspect for any fault indicator showing or sounder operating. Inform the designated responsible person of any fault.
  • Weekly Test – Operate a call point or detector to test the system. Ensure that all indicators show by resetting according to the instructions provided with the panel and check that the internal sounder operates. Check that the sounders operate. Reset the fire alarm panel. Each week choose a different zone in rotation, so that way all call points are tested in rotation. Check all call points and detectors and ensure that none are obstructed in any way. Enter results of tests into log book.
  • Quarterly Test – Check all previous log book entries and clarify that any remedial action has been taken. Check the battery and its connections. Operate a call point or detector in each zone to test the fire alarm as per above. Remove mains supply and check that the battery is capable of supplying the alarm sounders.
  • Annual Test – Carry out tests as detailed above. Additionally test all detectors and call points and check for operation.
  • Every 2-3 years – Clean smoke detectors to ensure correct operation and freedom from false alarms. Special equipment is required for cleaning smoke detectors.
  • Every 4 years – Replace sealed lead acid batteries.

Our fire alarm engineers can carry out all of the tests and inspections for you and we recommend that all fire alarm systems are tested at 3 monthly intervals by qualified engineers. The daily and weekly tests can be carried out by your own trained personnel.

We are here to give you the best advice on all of our Fire Alarm products, why not give us a call today and see how YY Security Installations Ltd can help.

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